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Poem : Wild Horses Run Free

Wild Horses Run Free
Rita Nashell McClendon

Wild horses run free!
I don’t think any stallion could ever tame me.

Wind blowing through my mane
Feeling carefree without any pain

I gallop to the brook.
Sweet waters have I took.

No responsibilities
No one to worry me

Other hearts have been taken captive.
I’m still alive and very active.

I’m a valiant pioneer.
I venture out without any fear.

Why would I want someone to tie me down?
I live to trot from town to town.

No one may understand my spirit.
I just believe many fear it.

Many may say I’m unruly,
But I don’t want to be treated cruelly.

Sometimes I get a little lonely and wished I had a love and a friend,
But I don’t want to trust any one ever again.

Who can tame my heart?
Who could use their lasso to rope me in?

Rita Nashell McClendon is a songwriter and New York Times author of Wild Horses Run Free (Poems, Prose & Essays). Find out more at

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